MOT Tests

After a vehicle is three years old the legal requirement in the UK is for a yearly MOT test to be carried out.

An MOT test ensures that a vehicle reaches the minimum legal requirements to be driven on the road, however, it only certifies that certain components have been tested and does not confirm that the vehicle will remain roadworthy for the duration of the certificate.

An MOT test maybe carried out a calendar month prior to the expiration of a current pass certificate, allowing up to a thirteen month certificate to be issued up on passing.

MOT Pricing

The maximum cost an MOT test station may charge for an MOT is £54.85.

MOT test costs at Beaconsfield Garage are £45.00 from Monday to Friday (09.00 to 16.30).

Where MOT work is carried out at the test station within a ten day period there is no charge for retest, if chargeable retest repair work is carried out away from the test station and the vehicle represented for test within a ten day period, a charge of half the original test fee is applicable.

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